The Most Important Things You Need To KnowAbout Tax PlanningThe recording of webinar with Dan Zitofsky

About the webinar

This is part 1 of a small tele-series I will be offering for FREE:

What your average real estate investor/entrepreneur does on a daily basis to decrease his taxes and teach his family the true value of entrepreneurship.

Learn some of my top secrets, which have been proven over and over again in my daily life. Don’t be ok with the status quo of what your CPA is telling you. Check the tax laws yourself and take control of your tax liabilities.

We will go over different facets of how I limit my tax liabilities while increasing value to the economy and how I teach my family responsibility and to take control of their own lives from school, entertainment, responsibilities and retirement.


7 PM EST – FEB. 28th, 2017

-2560Days -2Hours -18Minutes -4Seconds


I only require you to verify with the tax codes and your CPA, Tax preparer and/or Attorney. I am not an accountant, CPA or Attorney nor do I portray one. I am only giving you what I use in my life as an entrepreneur, which may or may not work for you.