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6 Critical Steps to Buying Your First Investment Property

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Guest Post by: Katie Conroy

You’ve probably heard about how purchasing investment properties can increase supplemental income. You may know people who have generated enough passive income to replace their traditional jobs. It’s true that owning rental properties can prove very lucrative and open doors to other types of investments. But this is only the case if you possess the knowledge necessary, approach your investments strategically, and make sound decisions. How you approach your first investment property purchase is key because it will determine whether you start off on a firm or weak foundation. And you will need solid ground to stand on if you want any hope of long-term success.


Here’s the point: Buying rental properties comes with a variety of risks, and it’s essential to take your first purchase seriously. You will make mistakes on your journey, which will help you grow as an investor. But if you want to avoid significant mishaps that can cripple your chance of success, then you need to thoroughly prepare beforehand. From working with professionals like Zitofsky Capital Management to choosing a property to estimating cash flow, here are six practical tips for how you can get yourself ready for real estate investment:


  1. Make sure it’s the right move.


There’s no doubt that investing in rental properties is a great way to build wealth. Among other benefits, it can add a stream of income, grow in appreciation, and yield excellent returns. However, it’s not the only way to invest in real estate, and it comes with downsides. For example, purchasing and managing a rental property can be time-consuming, the income can be unpredictable, and it requires capital (such as a 20% down payment on a property).


If you’re good with the drawbacks, then investing in a rental property might be the best path for you to take. If not, look into getting involved with real estate investment trusts (REITs), crowdfunded real estate investments, and other methods of investing.


  1. Put together a team.


Even if you’re the smartest person in the world, your investment ventures will yield better results if you have a good team on your side. Find a reputable real estate agent who can help guide you through the process of real estate investing. Also, start looking for an insurance agent, appraiser, home inspector, and real estate attorney that can reduce your stress and help you succeed. And if you have the budget for it, hiring a property manager can take awaya lot of the stress that comes with being a landlord.


Moreover, working with Zitofsky Capital Management can make all the difference when it comes to your real estate investment experience. Considering the quality of advisory and management services on offer for your investments, it’s well worth reaching out.


  1. Clarify your big picture.


Okay, so you’ve determined that real estate investment is right for you, and you’ve started to put together your team. Now, it’s time to decide what you want from your rental property.


What kind of property do you want to buy? A single-family home is common among first-time investors because they tend to fall in a lower price bracket and are easier to manage. However, multi-family properties — which are properties that contain more than one unit, such as a condo or a duplex — often yield more cash flow.


You’ll also want to begin narrowing down your price point, remembering that you will need to put down 20 to 25% at purchase. And of course, the location of your property is a crucial factor, so you’ll want to do your research as you plan where your property will be.


  1. Prepare financially.


Before you dive into real estate investment, you’ll need to sort out your finances — you don’t want to start on unstable ground. Begin by forming an LLC for your real estate investment business. Among other benefits, an LLC will protect your assets from litigation. Hiring a lawyer or formation service to handle the formation process can save you a lot of time and energy.


If you have any outstanding debts, those will need to be eliminated before you purchase a rental property. You’ll also need to develop a budget and figure out how you will save for a down payment. And be sure to watch the market closely so you can see the trends in interest rates. Furthermore, reading best-selling investment books, such as Passive To Prosperous by Dan Zitofsky, is a great way to get a more comprehensive view of how to prepare your finances.


  1. Learn how to evaluate properties.


There are a lot of factors to consider when buying an investment property. Being able to evaluate each property will get easier with time, but it can be a little overwhelming at first. Nonetheless, you’ll need to go through every consideration so you can ensure a sound purchase. Here are some questions to ask as you assess a property:


  • Is it in an up-and-coming neighborhood?
  • What are the property tax rates?
  • Is it in a good school district?
  • What are the crime rates?
  • Are there nearby grocery stores, parks, entertainment facilities, and other amenities?
  • What is the average rental rate?


These are just a few of the many elements that make a good investment property. Take your time when evaluating a property to make sure you are making a well-informed decision.


  1. Estimate cash flow.


All things being perfect, you could figure out your expected cash flow by subtracting your mortgage payment from your rental income. But as any real estate investor will tell you, things are rarely that simple. There are a lot of expenses to consider when determining whether a certain property can yield the cash flow you’re seeking.


Property taxes, repairs, maintenance, utilities, vacancy, management fees, landlord insurance, and property insurance are a few of the sneaky costs you must take into account. Be sure to subtract all expenses from your estimated income to get an accurate picture of the cash flow you can expect.


The Bottom Line


Buying an investment property can turn out to be a great decision, but it can also be a bad decision that leads to financial hardship. If you determine that real estate investment is the right move for you, then make sure you thoroughly research, prepare, and make educated decisions through every step of the process. Then, you’ll lay the foundation necessary for long-term success.



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PTP 6 | New Co-Host

Introducing Logan Hassinger, The New Co-host For The Passive To Prosperity Podcast

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PTP 6 | New Co-Host


It takes a special type of person to become a co-host in a podcast like this. For many years, Dan Zitofsky certainly took his time to make sure that it’s somebody that he aligns with. In this episode, he introduces one of his top students, note investor Logan Hassinger as that new co-host we have all been waiting for. Logan was mentored by Dan in raising private money and passive wealth living. He truly embodies a lifestyle by design in a way that few people ever get to do. The ease of communication between Dan and Logan is so apparent in this conversation that we can only expect greater things to come from them both on and off the mic!

Listen to the podcast here:

Introducing Logan Hassinger, The New Co-host For The Passive To Prosperity Podcast

Meet My Special Co-Host And Past Student Logan Hassinger

When you get a show like this, you’ve got to align with somebody. I fought long and hard about it. It’s not often, I do anything with people in the industry that I’ve mentored and coached but there are a few that you can see what they’re doing and they do everything right. When I say they do everything right, it’s not just in business. You watch them, see how they are, and they have to align with you. I look at this as a partnership on a deal. They have to align with you with their mindset and vision. Not that they don’t align with my mindset and vision, they could have different goals in life than I have.

Why would you with your mindset and your vision? That’s why the show is called Passive to Prosperous. I’m looking to live that prosperous life by passive wealth. That’s my vision and my mindset. You look at them, I sit back and I watch them for a while. I always watch how they are on social media, with their family, wives, kids, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and whatever it might be. You watch how they interact with their investors and the community if they’re of the mindset of giving.

I’m blessed and honored that I have one of the top students that I’ve ever had, and someone I consider a friend now, other than him not liking the same football team as me. He’s not a guest but a show cohost. Not only that, but coming out of this pandemic to do some business together. I’m in a position in my career and my life where I don’t want to take on too many partners. It’s not worth the stress, headache, worrying about what they do, and how they act. There’s no doubt in my mind that the person I’m bringing on is going to be my partner on the show and deals in the future. I want to bring him on from Texas. You’ve seen him on webinars before and training. You’ve seen all the positive content he’s given out. He’s becoming an industry leader in the note business and the passive income, starting in the short-term rental game. With no further ado, I’m bringing on Logan Hassinger. Thanks for being on.  

I appreciate the introduction. Hopefully, everybody is seeing that and I can live up to such an awesome high praise from you. I’m glad to be on. I’m glad to be a part of the show. I look forward to letting people see what it is behind the scenes because it’s easy to get wrapped up in what everybody sees. This is what we’re putting out there, which is great, free content, try to help people along whatever phase they ran or journey that they’re headed on, and get them to that ultimate goal of passive to prosperous.

Some of the things I look for and I always talk to people about it is I say, “You’ve got to trust and verify.” It’s not just to trust and verify the deal, it’s also trust and verify the person. That’s why I’ve known you for several years. We met at a mastermind that you were new in the industry. We went to a mastermind and I didn’t say anything that day but you took me back. There were you and one other person. I go to some of those events because I feel like it’s my time to give back. I love it and enjoy this. Even if you’re new in the industry and show on mastermind, you value yourself. When you value yourself with time and money, I love to help out.

We sat a couple of times. It was a 2 or 3-day event. You kept coming up to me and asking questions. You were humble about what you were asking and it meant a lot to me. I didn’t know a lot about you then. Afterwards, I went home and I started watching you. I started watching other people and I felt completely off. They haven’t done anything that they said they were going to do. I watched you on social media.

I watched how you were with your family and how you talk to other people. You didn’t come off as a cocky person who’s new. You asked questions and you shared unwillingly. Still to this day, we haven’t done a deal. We will do deals for sure because of where we are in the industry and where I’m at. It’s important that people know this because everybody talks a great game on social media. Everybody wants to be a millionaire. You got to take a step back, watch people, see how they are, and see the true person. It’s like dating.

It’s like the honeymoon period that you’ve got to get past to better understand somebody. I think we have passed the honeymoon phase.

PTP 6 | New Co-Host

New Co-Host: There is another way. You don’t have to climb the corporate ladder.


We’re blessed with that. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m shocked that people don’t know who you are. A lot of people might not know who you are. This is going to get out on iTunes and Stitcher. I always start off the show with this and I’m going to get into who’s Logan. We don’t charge you for this show. This is a complete organic movement. If you’ve heard of Andy Frisella’s saying, I say the same thing. I’ve been offered on my channel already people to sponsor for our show. I’m not going to say we’ll never have sponsors, but right now my view is that I don’t want any sponsors.  

I wanted to show that comes at you complete with knowledge and content. Not just myself but someone like Logan. I have many years of experience and he’ll tell you a little bit about his life. You’ll relate a lot more to Logan than you might even relate to me. A lot of people look at me and they say, “I don’t have 30 years’ experience. I don’t have as many deals as you have. How do I get there?” That’s why I love Logan’s journey, where he started, and where he’s going. I wanted him to share that with you. My only fee for this show is that you tell five of your friends and share it out if you get anything out of this.

We’re paying the money and putting the time in to produce the show. There’s no benefit to us at all with us waking up early and doing this to help you guys out. The reason we do it is we see what’s going on in the industry. There are people that are brand new and have done a couple of deals. They’re teaching the wrong way. There are people taking advantage of people to raise money. There are people that are not who they say they are behind the scenes. With that being said, if you do that, this becomes an organic movement. This will become the top show out there. By becoming a top show out there, we’ll be able to bring more content and benefits to you.  

We’re going to do that without asking for money. We have some cool events planned where we’ll invite people from the show to the events. We’ll have cool deals that we’ll be able to bring exclusively to people on the show. There’s a lot that we’re looking to do. To do that, we need to have a movement here. We’re asking for your help in sharing this out with at least five friends every episode. We’ll keep bringing great content here. We’re going to bring the real deal. We’re not worried about how perfect the show is and how it looks. We’re going to bring you content from our lives. Somebody who’s got many years of experience, and someone that’s killing it and starting out as Logan has.

That’s my fee for being here. I hope you accept that, you don’t have a scarcity mindset, and you want to share it. A lot of people don’t like to share things because they’re worried about competition. Somebody might hear something that we say and they want to use it, not to show other people. That’s a scarcity mindset. We’ll talk about that later. Logan, I’m going to let you run with this a little bit. Don’t hold back and tell everybody where you came from, who you are, what you do now, and where you’re looking to go to.

I am here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, South of the airport in the mid-cities area. I got started traditionally, going to college, grabbing a degree in finance, and seeing where that was going to take me. I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to end up, what industry within finance. I feel like school pushes two different areas for you when you’re in business school, especially when it’s in finance. Are you going to go investment management or corporate finance? I ended up getting placed within a wealth management role for about two years. It’s funny because it’s come full circle now. I wouldn’t say that I’m in wealth management now, but I enjoy the aspect of providing financial advice or be that sounding board for others, friends and family for the most part. I transitioned out of that role and went into some other corporate roles in the Dallas area, and I got burnt out.

I was studying for a CFA exam, Chartered Financial Analyst. That was the route I was going to be, become a fund manager and worked my way up through there. I’d been on that train for six months, studying and I took the test. I had about a month-long of downtime. I had to face down a book for six months. It’s all I knew so I dove back into another book. Many have started out on this path being the Rich Dad Poor Dad book and understanding what else is out there. You only know what you know, and that book opened my eyes to be like, “There is another way. You don’t have to climb this corporate ladder.” I told myself, “If I fail that test, I’m jumping into real estate.” It was the greatest failure of my life. I failed the test. It was the best failure.

If anyone says, “If I do this, then I’ll do that,” they already know. That’s such a great point you brought that out. I appreciate it because you already knew at that point that you didn’t want to do that. You just couldn’t admit it to yourself. I would love later on to dig deeper into why you chose that path. The reason I’m saying that is because it probably didn’t align with your vision and vision. We’ll get deeper into that. This whole show is about your vision and your mindset.  

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One of my mentors, Shaun McCloskey talks about vision and mindset. He’s like, “If you don’t have your vision right, nothing else goes right.” It’s almost like the neurons in your body. That’s what makes your whole body work. You were going for this test. There’s a reason you were doing it. It might have been money, job security or a title. There was something there but it didn’t align with your vision. Your vision is here but you were diverging inside.

I want you guys to understand that because if you’ve read my book, Passive to Prosperous, you’ll see in the first chapter, it talked about my vision and how I went sideways on my vision. I almost lost everything from my wife, my kids, my friends, and nobody there for me because my actions and my vision were different. I want to jump in and highlight that, not just get over that because that’s a huge component of the whole show and the business model that we have. You and I are aligned with now because of that one piece. You went for this test knowing that you didn’t want to pass this test because it’s not going to bring you to the life you wanted.  

It’s all I knew. It was the next step for me, even though it wasn’t something that I had my heart into. I studied and did everything that I thought I was ready to go and take it. I had never read this Rich Dad Poor Dad book before that but still, if it were something I was passionate about and where my vision is aligned, I would have passed. I’m taking a step back and have 6 or 7 years removed from that. I’m sitting here saying, “That’s all I needed. A kick in the pants to take that path and get you back on track.”

From there, it was self-taught in the beginning. I stumbled across a real estate forum. I’m familiar with a lot of people in the industry being new or looking for self-help stuff. BiggerPockets.com is a popular site out there. I was out there searching on, how do you find a deal? What do you do with a tenant? I found a couple of books to read. I jumped into those books and having a finance background, the numbers piece was the easy side. It was the intangibles that I wanted to better understand. I ended up finding a mentor on that site who I’m great friends with now. He lives out in Arizona. We invest in deals together on the side, mostly passive apartment syndication type of stuff. He helped me set a foundation for what rental property investing was.

I ran with that for a couple of years. I picked up some duplexes and fourplexes, fix and flip a couple of properties in the area, and thought I was going to manage 100 doors. I realized that doing that didn’t align with my vision so I pivoted. In 2018, I came across note investing. I dove into note investing to figure out what there was all entailed. That’s something I can scale and allow me to be more passive. It aligns perfectly with if I’m trying to put more time into family, travel or other things, that I’m giving back, and all those items, then that’s what helped me connect. I went down to some training. It was in mid-2018 is when you and I met. I knew from the minute you started talking that you are an expert. I feel like I have a good bullcrap radar.

I still deal with some guys that have a ton of crap that they throw at me and I’m like, “Do we need that?” When we did a deal and we got a modification, I get offers that state that was easy, but I’m not aware of that. I got to get it against my desk here. I used to have that when I had my office, and now I’m working from the house and it was great. I want that. That is the bullcrap bot because there was so much crap out there. You want to talk about somebody not taking action. It happens to me too.

I’ve paid for, set up, and had this show ready to go for over three years before I even met Logan. I have not recorded an episode until about months ago. I sat here and we’ll talk about why I didn’t do it but you want to talk about the bullcrap meter out there. Many people come up to me and said, “Let’s do a podcast together. Let’s do an event together. Let’s do a mastermind together. Let’s do a school together. Let’s do training together.” You have to be careful because in the past, I used to look at all the money I could make on this, and I chased the money. Now I look at how do I want Dan Zitofsky to be seen in the future. How do I want my legacy to be? How do I want people and my family to look at me? How do I want to feel? Is there anything in my vision where I want to become a millionaire?

If it does, you’ll stumble a lot. You’ll chase it. It’s easy to be a millionaire. I say that humbly and I don’t say that to impress you. I say it to impress upon you. That’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s hard for some people to stay true to themselves, true to the vision, and true to their family. Everybody looks great out there. The one thing about social media that’s cool is you can be whoever the hell you want to be on social media. You want to say, “You’re great.” You want to act horribly, you’re horrible. Whatever you want to be, you are on social media.

PTP 6 | New Co-Host

New Co-Host: It’s unfortunate that in this business, the barrier to entry has been so easy to get into. The teachings in this business have been so off that people are learning the wrong way.


Logan is somebody I want to align with. Not that I want you to align with anybody. I could sit home and enjoy my life. In the summertime, this is what I do. I don’t work but I’ve worked to get to the point I’m at now because you have to align. It has to fit your vision. We’ll talk more about your vision because people need to understand that. That’s something that I work with students first before I even mentor them as I talk about their vision and why they doing it. If they’re doing it for reasons, not that it’s for the wrong reasons but it doesn’t align with my vision. I don’t work with them not because it’s bad. I can’t help them because I don’t understand it. I want to understand it. If they tell me, “I’m coming here to make millions,” why do you need to make millions? What is it about? I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m saying it’s got to align.

I wouldn’t say that you and I came together simultaneously and said, “We need to do a podcast together.” It was mutual. We’ve got some good ideas. I like how we’re aligning without having to say we’re aligning. Eventually, it came together that it would benefit others and us to put something together, share it, take it from there, and see where it goes.”

I haven’t been excited about a business in a long time. I’ve got the show right now. I’m excited about doing business with you because you bring a lot to the table. What’s cool about this partnership is you’re the yin to my yang. You can do stuff I can’t stand doing. That’s a good partnership and you’re good at it. There’s a sign of relief when we talked about it and I said, “Let’s do a fund together in the future. Let’s help investors out.” There’s one other person that I do business with that I feel the same way about. I can let everything roll off my shoulders and not worry. I can do what I have to do and not even second guess what you’re doing. It’s whatever. I know you’ll never do anything wrong. That’s the hardest feeling. When you have a partner and you have to worry even 1% that they might do something unethical, especially if you do a fund together because that’s an SEC issue.

We both said we’re in this time of a pandemic. We got together and we could raise a lot of money. We both came to the conclusion like, “Why take people’s money now? If we buy nonperforming notes, we don’t even know if we can foreclose on them.” We can’t pay people back right away. Maybe we could, maybe we can’t, and there are no guarantees on anything. There’s this big maybe. Maybe we can’t pay them right away, or the courts will be closed, or the closure will be extended because of the Coronavirus. Most people would say, “We’ll be okay. We’ll take that money and worry about ourselves.” You and I both have concluded that we want to worry about our investors before we worried about ourselves, and I don’t see that.

I see a lot of people doing syndications. If you look at their syndications, they pay themselves first. That’s the first thing I look at. I get 3 or 4 syndications a week from multifamilies, note funds, residential assisted livings, mobile home parks, and new builds in the community. Almost every single one of them I get. The first thing I look at is how to break down this. I get these huge management fees upfront from people before they make $1. I don’t understand how people can make their own money first before their investors get their principal back. That it’s beyond belief from me. The industry average used to be you get 2% of the money raised and 20% management fee.

I’ve been part of free syndications. I’ve been in joint venture deals on note funds. I’ve funded other people’s deals. I was in deals where they got paid and money came in. Let’s say it was $100,000 that we gave them and $200,000 started coming in. They started splitting the first $100,000 like it was theirs. How do you not pay your investor back first and then split the nut? With the partnership, I knew that you and I were on the same page right away. That’s huge because I know a lot of people on here have funded other people’s deals before.  

Unfortunately, I’m sure a lot of you guys have been disheartened over the partnership because if somebody funds a deal from me, they’re a partner in my deal. That’s how I treat them. I don’t ever treat them like you’re the money. You’re a partner. You’re like family to me. You come first before any money goes in my pocket. That’s how it is. It’s unfortunate that in this business, the barrier to entry has been easy to get into. The teachings in this business have been so off that people are learning the wrong way, and then they’re teaching the wrong way.

That’s why I’ve been careful with all these new investors and Logan being one of them, but he does things the right way. I’m careful because if they don’t align and if I have to think, “Money is coming in, are they going to look out for an investor the way I do?” It’s not somebody I need and want to do business with. I built a business up and Logan is building his business up the same way. He doesn’t need anyone’s money or partnership. He doesn’t need anyone to do anything. He could keep coming along with his life the way he is and be fun. Give me your take on it.

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That’s a great point. I had a phone call with somebody who has been seeing me online. I don’t know them and they don’t know me. I always start a conversation with individuals like this is a mutual beneficial relationship. This is not I win or you win. We both have to have to come out feeling like we won. I’ll then dive into what we do and how we’d like to partner with our partners. Whether they’re lending partners or JV funders, it doesn’t matter. They’re still a partner. It was about an hour phone call. At the end of it, he was like, “I’m ready. What are my next steps?” I was like, “Sit tight because I’m not taking money right now.”

He goes, “Isn’t that the whole point of this call?” I said, “It was and it is but I’m not taking money right now, and here’s why.” I go into fifteen minutes of what I’m seeing in the market and why I don’t think it’s beneficial for myself. Others can take money. Now, I don’t need it. That’s a luxury that I have but even if I did need it, it’s not a good steward of someone else’s capital. That’s where I fall back into the wealth management side, and the principles that the boss or individual that I learned from was a huge proponent of that. At the end of the day, you are a steward of somebody’s capital and treat it like it’s your own.

That helps you have a better perspective on whether you’re going to take those funds or go into a deal where you’re sitting on the funds. It comes full circle. It doesn’t make sense yet. We’re going to sit in tight and he said, “Give me some action steps.” I said, “Check out a couple of books. Here’s something that helped me get started years ago. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up-to-date with this. I’ll provide some market insights on what I think, what I see going on, and then stay posted.” He’s like, “I was ready to write you a check.” I was like, “I’m not ready to take the check so it doesn’t matter.”

I teach people how to raise private money. You were part of the course on how to raise private money and you’re crushing it. You’ve raised $3 million-plus. That’s on the one-on-one training we do with raising private money and I’m careful who I take on. I only take on two people every three months. It’s the same thing with my private lenders. We have raised over $30 million in new money and use it in over $200 million in velocity. People think I have a ton of private lenders. I have 42 on my list that I’m in constant contact with. I’ll hit them up now and then. I’ll talk to them.

They’re friends and only two are family. They hit me up constantly and they’re like, “We’ve got this money sitting in our IRA funds.” It’s almost pressure and stress from private lenders. They want me to put their money to work. It is hard for me to say, “I don’t need the money now.” It’s not that I don’t want it. I’m not ready because there’s so much going on right now in this world that I’m not willing to take the risk, even though every dollar is a risk. There’s no guarantee when you take anybody’s money. I like to move with the risk as best as I possibly can.  

If I can’t tell right now, I don’t care who is out there telling you that it’s a good market to buy. You don’t know what’s going on. If the court is shut down and they turn around and they say, “No rent.” You might not get rent. If you can’t foreclose, why would I buy nonperforming mortgages if the courts are closed and I cannot foreclose? I’m going to sit there and hold paper for a year before I could do anything with it. During the pandemic, bank money might be 0.01%. It’s still more than 0% that I’m able to give them. I fund deals to investors. I sell them turnkey rental properties on a note. If they don’t get rent, can they pay me the mortgage? If they don’t pay me the mortgage, can I foreclose? If I’m buying properties to fix and flip, are we not at risk?

We’re not in an economic downturn. We’re in a pandemic. We still have not seen an economic downturn. I love when I get on a podcast, an interview, or on stage. One of the questions they always ask me, “Where do you see the economy?” I love that question because I could give such an educated answer and I can sound like a guru, an expert, or a financial wizard. Nobody really knows. Do we think this pandemic was going to hit us in December or January? We were flying along. I’m still seeing people overbid on assets, notes, on properties because they haven’t hit yet. It’s because of the PPP loans, the stimulus checks, and there are 600 extra unemployment coming every month. People are making more money sitting at home than they are going to work. We haven’t seen that hit yet.

We also haven’t had the election yet. The election is coming in November 2020. We don’t know which way that’s going to go either way, whether President Trump wins again or he loses. We don’t know what that’s going to do to the economy. For some crazy reason, stocks are at an all-time high. I don’t understand that. Do you think if the jobs report are coming out, would they be low? I have someone who’s like a father to me. He raised me as my father’s best friend. He was a VP in Wall Street and he told me, “Sell everything. Second-quarter job earnings are coming out. It’s going to tank.”

PTP 6 | New Co-Host

New Co-Host: You don’t need the service of people to tell what’s going to happen in the market. There is going to be a lot of inventory for 2021 and 2022.


He calls me up and I’m like, “What’s going on?” He goes, “I have no idea. I’m shaking my head. I don’t know what in the world is going on. I don’t even understand anymore.” A VP from Wall Street is shaking his head and he doesn’t understand. You don’t need the service of people to tell what’s going to happen in the market. Logan, you’ve done the same thing. I still stay in touch with my asset managers. The asset managers I have are all telling me that they see 30% of note deferment. 2021 to 2022, there is going to be a lot of inventory. There’s a timeline of how long it will go deferred.  

That’s the piece that people need to better understand and hopefully, we can provide.

Logan and I are going to take our bow and arrow, and we are going to crush it in 2021 and 2022. I know that. That’s why I’m proud about doing this with you.  

I talked to a lender. They put me on a conference call with a VP of a bank down in San Antonio. I always try to network. I tell them a little about who I am. I want to learn more about who the bank is, where they’re lending, what they’re doing, and how we can be able to work together. I throw the question like, “What happens when loans go bad? Do you sell them?” They’re like, “We sell them sometimes. It’s been a while.” I was like, “I agree. We’re in a different market. Give us some time.” They’re like, “No, we see it.” I said, “Okay.” That’s as far as the conversation went. It takes time for loans to go through the phases of becoming a sellable loan or a defaulted loan that needs to be foreclosed on.

I don’t want to even get into how the bank works now because we both have some good stories and I love to share with people. Guys, come on back because we’re going to talk about how to find asset managers, how to talk to them, and what to look for. I’ve had some good luck talking to some asset managers. I’ve been bounced around and referred. They’ve been calling me. That’s cool. They call me like, “We’re seeing this. Are you going to be able to help us out?” That’s a different call than me calling them and saying, “How do you have notes to sell?” I had a credit union called me up. I met with four people and we’re socially distant.

We get into the conference room and I met with four people. They make the decisions on the loans that they give them in-house. They don’t deal with anything. They’re not selling these off in the secondary market. They need to get them off their books. They’ve already talked to me. They’ve already EMR some properties that they have to go through to the systems. As soon as they’re done, they don’t put them out for open sell. I’ve met with four people, their loan decision committee. I had a meeting with them, and they’re excited. How did I get in with them? They’ve done some funding on some deals for me. They see what we do.  

They’re excited about working with me because they know they can get their stuff off the books. It’s notes or properties. They are both. That’s a credit union. We’ll do a show on notes in the future, how to deal with asset managers. We’ll give you insights into how Logan and I both deal with asset managers. We both deal with them a little differently. That’s why it’s cool having a partnership and join forces together. I’m excited about 2021 and 2022. I don’t know what’s going from there with us. There’s a nice pipeline for our investors. They’ll be loving it.

There are some big opportunities for sure coming ahead. It’s a whole pattern, so wait and see. That doesn’t mean there’s not stuff that’s going to pop up now that’ll make sense, but it doesn’t resonate with me to take on investor funds yet on a deal that made sense in 2019. The last thing I finished with that lender was, “I’m not trying to force a deal here.” He stopped and was like, “We don’t need to force anything.” It clicked in his head too like, “I don’t need to give you the funds.” He’s like, “I’m looking to you for advice but I’m also looking to you from a steward of somebody’s capital to somebody who’s looking to place capital with a manager.” That’s effectively what we are. He was glad to hear the conversation that we were having. He was like, “Nobody’s talking to me like this before.”

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Everyone is looking for themselves, “How do we get the money? It’s no risk to me if I take somebody’s money and put it on a deal. If the deal falls apart, I’ll give them all my disclosures, and I don’t do anything. If we lost our money, we have to wait.” I can’t tell you what their names are. There are gurus out there or people that speak at events that have not been paying people back. You need to do due diligence on people who you give your money to. Ask around because that’s a scary issue. I’m excited there. What’s cool about you is you’re taking your steps and you’re on your path. You’re still on your journey and what your goals are. What are your ultimate goal in life and this business?

In life, it’s to get time back. It’s either money or time that they want. I want both but I’ve seen the value of time raise significantly over the money side. I used to think I needed $1 million to live on a year, and it’s probably closer to $100,000. I can do fine with a modest income and do the things that I want to do. About a month or two, I’ve had more close friends here within 10 or 15 miles of me, and then also a baseball coach that I went to high school with that’s up and I wouldn’t know. They all call me like, “Here’s my financial plan. What do you think?”

That has hit home for me and said, “If money didn’t matter, this is what I’d like to do, give some free advice and allow people to have somebody to talk to about their finances.” It’s a topic that many don’t want to either come to grips with, how much they’re spending, how much they’re not saving, what does their retirement look like? I always start with, “I don’t know everything but I’ll at least give you how I’ve gone about it, how I’ve seen others do that, and then let’s try to put a plan together.” That’s what I enjoy if money didn’t matter. It is being able to help others. The gift is within finances. That’s where I try to focus a lot of my efforts and letting people know like, “Give me a call. I love to talk to you about what you’ve got going on and where you want to be.

I sent you a text about somebody random in a Facebook group in the DFW area who was like, “You don’t come off as a guru. You share a lot.” That’s what a guru should be doing. It is providing content, information, and enough to either prompt more questions from the reader or allow a phone call to come up, and then you share a little bit more about what’s going on. You then hang the phone up. You don’t ask for anything. You’re simply educating. I’d like to be able to educate for free at the end of the day.

I’d love to talk more about that too, whether free or paid education makes sense. I had put out an event and what I’m noticing a lot in the industry is people live in a scarcity mindset. I talk about limited and scarcity beliefs. Scarcity is I’m scared to share because if I share, there’s competition. I’m going to tell somebody how to do something, and I’m not going to able to do any more business. That’s living in scarcity. I read a lot and unfortunately, I do spend time on Facebook. I read business posts. I’m on some pages I enjoy. A lot of newer people are asking questions who don’t even know the industry. They’re just looking for a different way to invest.

Whatever they’re doing, they want to do something different. People are scared to share information. I paid for information but I have a lot of free information. That’s my give back. I have a YouTube page, I have my free Facebook group. I have my paid group too, but I have my free groups that everyone could join in, and I have my personal page. I said, “I’m going to do this.” On my personal page, I keep 5,000 people, which is the limit. I notice it and sometimes I have too much time at the beach and thinking. I love the beach. I sit there and think. I’m like, “How can we help these people that nobody helps?” I have a ton of stuff on YouTube already. It’s not a tremendous amount that I want. I don’t make money on my YouTube page. I’m not selling ads on it either. I like YouTube because the information stays there. It doesn’t get buried like in Facebook or any of these other social media sites. If there’s any page, people would look at it.  

People are willing to share it out with their friends, screenshot it, send it back to me, and I’ll put it into a contest. We did that. You figure at that point, I have 5,000 friends on Facebook. I know they don’t see it. We have people at Become a Real Estate Investor with Dan Zitofsky. We even put it on Webtalk and LinkedIn. We got 70 or 80 people who did it. We picked somebody out and it was a free coaching call. My coaching calls are $400 an hour. It was free up to one-hour coaching call. I didn’t even pick it. My marketing team put all the names in a random program. I don’t want to pick it because I don’t want anyone saying I didn’t pick you.

I picked one gentleman, we made the call, get on the line to do the call, right before the call he says, “I’ve got to cancel. I have something else to do. I’ll pay you for your call next time.” That was free. “I had somebody hit me up for a couple of months already. We had a meeting planned about a month ago. In advance, I had to cancel it because of a doctor’s appointment.” I said, “Let’s reschedule.” They show up at a launch event which I don’t do those. I was like, “He’s good, he needs help, and I’m going to help him.” I send him the address. He tells me he’s at the wrong address. I said, “I sent you the address. Come to the right address.” He goes through it and says, “I’ll be there in 20 to 30 minutes.” I wait for him. He goes to another wrong address. Now he’s an hour away. It’s two times. I’m like, “Mistakes happen, but maybe if he pays for it, he would take it seriously.” Maybe it’s me. I used to mentor people for years for free.

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New Co-Host: When you’re not charging people, you’re doing them a disservice by not having them invest in themselves.


I can tell you one success story, a minute I had people invest in themselves like Logan Hassinger. You invest in yourself. You started raising some serious money. You understand the game and how it works. People don’t play and don’t show up. I’ll tell you what it does with mentorship. You have to give a ton of content out there. I hope that anybody who’s a mentor that charges for it didn’t get into mentorship because they want to make money. That’s not what it’s about.

That’s what I meant to say. I’m not in it to profit and live a better life money-wise so that I can share information. Money talks and it forces you to be like, “I spent money on that. I’ve got to implement whatever it is that we’ve talked about or creating some content. I paid for this so let me get my money’s worth.” Those should go hand-in-hand as well.

Another story about that is I do one-on-one coaching, not for private money. I do one-on-one real estate investing coaching, but I don’t do it anymore. I take eight students for six months and it’s $26,000, which is not the most. People charge a lot more than that. This is like a marriage for six months. I do up to eight people. That’s sixteen people a year for $26,000. That’s about $416,000 income from one-on-one coaching. I finished my last contract up in June 2020. I have not taken anyone. I have people on the waiting list. I did not take anyone on. This goes more into my vision too of why I’m not taking anyone else on in that.  

I will do a one-on-one type of deal, but I’m going to a group coaching program in the fall. I love group coaching. The last time we did it, we got together as a group. We all took down a large Fannie pool. It was a $5.1 million Fannie pool, but we all had the same mindset. I’m going to make a lot less money doing that. It’s not about the money, it’s about what you stand for and who you want to be around. I was going to give up coaching completely. The mentor that I work with says, “It’s not that you hate coaching. It’s you hate coaching certain people.” It’s true. There were times when I would hop on our weekly calls where we learn how to raise private money, I loved it. I was looking forward to it. I was like, “What do I have going on now?” I had you on a call. At that time, it was you and two other people. I enjoyed every minute of that.

When I would get on the coaching calls with other people who would pay me $26,000 for six months, it should be more for my time and me helping them. I would sometimes get knots in my stomach. It was like I would hate going to work. I didn’t like it and I was dreading it. I was like, “That’s why I’m going to stop doing it,” because it’s not about $400,000. I’m living my life on my business. That’s how it should be for a mentor. Who do you want to mentor? Eventually, mentors will be on here. For many years, people would ask me to speak at events, coach them, mentor them one-on-one, and I wouldn’t do it. I told them I have a mentor. I have two mentors. I pay six figures a year to mentorships and events. My mentor said to me, “Why won’t you do it?” I didn’t feel that I was worthy enough to be a guru. I didn’t feel I had anything to share with people. Unfortunately, you only have a few years in the industry. You have a lot to show people. You’d probably be one of the best mentors out there, Logan.  

It might not be in your vision to do it, but you only have to go a little bit more than somebody else. Sometimes you have to hold them accountable. I learned this myself because it was the hardest thing in the world for me to charge people. You’re doing a disservice by not having them invest in themselves. You are hurting them more if they don’t invest in themselves. There are times you probably might not have got on the call because you had something else to do. In your head you’re like, “I paid this. I’m getting on hold and everything happens.” I have a 0% success history with anyone I mentored for free. I’ve not had this success story. It could be me through my groups, my conversations that I’ve helped people. I’ve had people who I mentored one-on-one and they give up. The minute there’s a roadblock, they give up. Let me ask you this one question, has this been easy for you? Most people quit, right?  

I’ve got a partner out in Atlanta, Georgia, and that email went out around 2:00 in the morning and send us some documents. We’re working on a loan together and we’ve been working together for several months. He was like, “Do you ever sleep?” He didn’t say it in a bad way but still, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. I work late and early often, all because there’s a vision down the road that I’m constantly working towards. The overall goal is what I’m trying to get to. To answer your question, it has not been easy. Outside looking in, I’ve had a lot of friends that I’ll talk to occasionally. They’re like, “It’s so great. You came out of nowhere with this overnight success.” I stop and I’m like, “Overnight success? Sure.” I still don’t see myself as a success yet and it hasn’t been overnight. I worked overnight but it doesn’t mean that it may happen. I know that’ll come but for now, in family, we all have different circumstances. It’s easier to work at night when the girls are going down to sleep. I can come into the office, tuck away, and knock some stuff out. No way do I mean that I’m killing myself but I make my time work for what I’ve got.

This has been awesome. This is better than I even thought the first episode was going to be. When Logan and I get together, we could sit here and we didn’t even talk about sports at all. We could sit together for a full day and not stop talking. I’m hoping you guys all get to the event that we do. We’ll have a good time and we’ll talk to you about tons of content. Just so you understand what we’re talking about if you read this thing several months from now. We’re talking about the Summer of 2020. We’re in this pandemic of Coronavirus. Some of the things we say now might not be the same in the future when the industry changes a little bit. We will always give you the real deal. We’ll come at you with a ton of episodes. We’ll take feedback, questions, and info but we have a ton of ideas that we want to speak with you about. Do you have any parting words, Logan?

I look forward to what we have to learn from each other, to share, and learn from others. In my mind, I never stopped learning. I look forward to it.

Share this out with your friends and family, and give us a five-star review if you like what we have to say. Give us a review and please comment. This will keep us to the top of the podcast so you can get our shows. Our only goal with this is to get out pure and free content for you. We look forward to talking to you more in the future.

Thank you, guys.

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The Story Behind Passive To Prosperous

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PTP 1 | Passive To Prosperous


Welcome to Passive to Prosperous, the podcast that will help you stop living in scarcity, find value in yourself and start focusing on what your vision is, what your goals are and what you want your legacy to be. Today, you will hear of your host’s personal journey to a life by design. Dan Zitofsky was once an unhappy multimillionaire who constantly fed his ego and almost lost everything he thought he wanted. A fateful conversation with his wife brought him to a realization that made him figure out his “why,” his vision in life. From then on, he made a tremendous change and has never looked back ever since. Listen in and learn how you, too, can make that decision to change your life for the better.

Listen to the podcast here:

The Story Behind Passive To Prosperous

The Dan Zitofsky Story

I’m loving it because finally, after all this time, I was getting it done writing my book, Passive to Prosperous, and finally getting our show launch for you, guys. It’s important because I want to bring a tremendous amount of value to the group and to everybody who’s reading the blog on Passive to Prosperous. I wanted to start off and tell you a little bit about myself, my story, my journey, why I’m doing this, what my vision and passion are, and why it is. This is the greatest way to start this show. It’s by giving you that information. Once again, we did launch our bestselling book, Passive to Prosperous, and the title speaks for itself. We’re going to talk a little bit about life, why we came up with this, why we decided to do this show, why we decided to do our book and where our lives had brought us.

A lot of this is hard to be vulnerable. I’ll tell you a story about where I came from in my life. I’m not going to say I grew up in a way where I have a big story. I’m not going to try to emulate that I was rags to riches or anything like that. I want to be honest and true with you. I want to relay to you what I came through. Growing up, it was a tough life in the fact of not money so much. Money was a big part of it but part of my life was a lot of lost love from parents.

I never felt accepted as a kid in my house. I grew up where anything I did wasn’t good enough. As a teenager, my mother took off on us. I was more of a mama’s boy than a daddy’s boy. I was close to my mother. When she took off, she told me that she wasn’t happy with my father. Typically, kids have a lot of questions that as fourteen years old, “Why should we do that?” Even before that, we were starting to not be so close. She was becoming a miserable person.

I was left with my father and my brother. My father provided a roof over our head and we had food on the table so I’m not going to say we were rags and poor, but we didn’t have the extra money that some of my friends had. It was embarrassing. If I wanted to get the sneakers that my friends had, I had to work myself to get on. To take a bus to go to the mall or the movies, I have to pay for it myself. Those things are hard. The other tough thing is the embarrassment. I have friends growing up where their parents would say, “We’ll take you to movies then your parents will pick you up.” I would make excuses and not go because I was embarrassed that my father wasn’t around. He was busy doing whatever he was doing and didn’t include himself in our lives. I wanted to have a parent.

I had no mother around. I have a father that provided for us but he wasn’t around. I was miserable. I was going to sports practice, I would walk home myself in the cold, and I was embarrassed that people would ask if I need a ride. I would hide to make believe that my parents would pick me up and they weren’t. It was just an embarrassing time as a teenager to go through. I went through everything. When you start dating and you have to get your own car. It was one bad thing after the next. It should have been a statistic not to woe or feel bad for me, but I’m saying this because I want to impress upon you that you might’ve gone through the same thing. You might become a statistic but you shouldn’t. You should find your way out of this. I had the opportunity to go to college. My father was going to pay for part of it but my mother wasn’t paying so my father didn’t pay.

He brought a girl into the house and want us to get kicked out of the house by this girlfriend at eighteen years old. I decided, “I’m going to go to the Navy,” because my father never wanted me to go to the Navy. He said, “I’ll never become anything.” When I signed up, he says, “You’re going to become a loser. You’ll never graduate college by going to the Navy.” From that point on, I swore that I’ll prove him wrong. I also swore as a teenager that when I grew up, I’m going to make a ton of money, I’m going to be successful, and I’m never going to make my kids and my family live this life.

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This is a very important part of the story because I want you to realize where it came from. I get goosebumps, choking up a little bit, and tearing up just by telling the story. I do it every single time on stage or speak at events. If my wife is sitting there, I would look at my wife and stop tearing up. The room is usually crying because it leads to what came from here. I’m sure a lot of you guys might’ve experienced some of the same, some worse, some not so worse, some of you might’ve come from great families. I wanted to go into the Navy because I had nothing else I could do.

I didn’t have the ability to go and get student loans. I didn’t have a place to live. I had no other way to support myself. I had nobody to turn to, at that point. When I went to the Navy, I had parents that didn’t back me up with that. They told me I was going to be a failure by going to the Navy and I’ll never finish school, while my goal was to finish school and to prove them wrong. It wasn’t for myself at this point. I finished my college degree from start to finish. In two years, I went double full-time. I went to a university for my prerequisites and on weekends, the Navy brought instructors, professors out from other schools. I would go every other weekend, all Saturday or Sunday, and work 60-plus hours a week in the Navy.

When I got out of the Navy, I worked for a couple of years and then I became a New York City Police officer. While I was doing that, as a police officer, I was making $28,000 a year in New York City. I couldn’t afford a wife and two kids at that time. While being a police officer, I was investing in real estate, running, and doing a mortgage company. I was working as a lender and became a mortgage broker. I was investing since I went into the Navy. I bought my first condo as a rental but what’s so important here is that when I started as a police officer, I still was on this journey to make a ton of money to be successful.

I told my wife at that time and said, “I’m going to be a police officer until I don’t need to become a police officer anymore.” It wasn’t my life’s journey to be a police officer. I just needed something secure so I can afford to support my family, my wife, my kids, where they didn’t have to struggle. I didn’t want my wife to have to work because I wanted her to take care of our kids. I wanted us to raise the kids. I’m not saying anything bad if somebody has to use daycare or anything else, but I always swore that if I grew up in a house that when I come home from school and nobody was there. I talked about from 5 or 6 years old, I came home and nobody was there.

It was not the same now where parents are at the bus stop dropping you off. Parents are there to pick you up. I was walking across a major roadway to get home and no parents there. It’s not the lifestyle I ever wanted for my kids. My wife wasn’t working outside the house. She did an amazing job with the kids. That’s the toughest job in the world. I truly mean that. I give credit to every parent out there that stays on with our kids. It’s a blessing to be able to do that. I’m blessed that we had that opportunity.

I went on to start doing real estate. I was one of these fix and flip guys. I was flipping and fixing anywhere from no less than 40 properties a year. Sometimes, upwards of almost 100 properties in a year. I was netting $50,000 to $80,000 on average per property. You can imagine, I was doing some big numbers. I was making multi-seven figures. On this show, I might get a little irate sometimes. I might love you sometimes but I’m going to be honest and tell the truth about how I feel about people. There are a lot of idiots, a lot of low life gurus out there that are going to try to tell you what they did. They try and impress you but they didn’t do crap.

PTP 1 | Passive To Prosperous

Passive To Prosperous: Stop Chasing Money and Start Seeing Prosperity Through Passive Wealth

As I was doing multiple seven figures a year, I was the biggest idiot that you probably ever meet because of what I was doing. What I was doing is I was making this money and I was going out there. When I was making this money, I started buying the most beautiful cars. The cars that people dream of. I have a watch collection now that can choke a horse. My son got it in his hands. He’s like, “I know this is coming to me one day.” I hope not. We have a great relationship. I bought a beautiful boat and vacationing like crazy. I’ll never take away the vacation part because I love that.

I am living the life that everyone thought. I’m not saying this to impress you, it is to impress upon you. I have a beautiful, nice size house in a golf course community in a nice piece of land, and everything that everyone wanted, I had. I had a perfect life. I was working a ton of hours, 80 to 120 hours every single week, no less. I was grinding. That’s what everybody does. To be successful, you grind up. You go out there and work from 4:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night. You’re not going to be successful if you are not a grinder.

What an idiot I was. I was out on Sunday nights with my wife with friends. I would be outside the restaurant until 9:00 at night on the phone for an hour and a half speaking to realtors, contractors, inspectors, arguing with people like, “Contract is not showing. Call new ones.” The appraisals, banks, it didn’t matter. It was a nightmare. I was working my ass off because I swore when I was younger, I was going to be successful. I was going to show them that I was going to make money. I was going to do everything it took to be successful. That’s what success meant to me. That’s why I’m telling you this story. It’s important because this sets you up for everything. I’m going to talk about the mindset.

I remember to this day where my wife and I had an argument. In an argument, she came to me and I was irritated. I am a tough guy. I’m a man. I’ve provided for my family. I did everything that my parents didn’t do. I gave her the life that she could only dream of. She didn’t have this life growing up. She came from a hard life too. Her parents didn’t own a house. She didn’t have cars. I gave her the nicest cars you can imagine, brand spanking new pulling up on the driveway. Jewelry, watches, boats, vacations, anything she wanted and she had the guts to tell me that I was a bad husband and a bad father. Who does she think she is telling me this when I gave her everything she owns but she was 100% right. The one thing she wanted was a husband and a father for her kids. The one thing was I was not a good husband and father to my kids.

I never hit them, never did anything wrong to them, or didn’t yell at them but I wasn’t there. I wasn’t present in their life. Everything I worked for to be successful was totally different than what my vision said it should be. When my mentors sat with me and they said, “What is your vision?” I said, “I was going to be successful.” “Why?” “I don’t want to answer to anybody. I want to live the lifestyle and my life by design.” “What does that mean?” When you break it down to what that means is the ultimate is I want to wake up, do what I want every single day with whom I want every single day, any time I want every single day, and I wasn’t doing that because I was chasing money from my own ego.

I’m humble enough now to know that I was a screw-up. I’m vulnerable enough to be able to admit that it was all for my ego. This is why this is important. It’s funny because this happened in about 2009. From that moment on when my wife told me, “You’re a horrible parent. You complained about your parents but you’re worse than they are. You said you never would be like them. You haven’t proven it.” When you talk about putting a knife in your heart, I don’t know the pain that you can feel in your life when your wife or somebody you love, admire, you’re passionate about who is your best friend since I’m sixteen years old. She went through all this with me and I let her down. It’s hard to even think about this.

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To this day, I’m still irritated and upset with myself but as upset as I am with myself, I’m blessed that she brought this to my attention, has been there for me, allows me to make it up to my family, and not just leave me. I would have had a ton of money but I wouldn’t have a family to enjoy it with. I would have been alone like I was when I was a teenager and that would have destroyed me because that’s not what I wanted but I thought that’s what I wanted. I thought the money is what I wanted so I wouldn’t have to ever be unsuccessful again. What are you successful for? Are you successful in life or are you successful in things?

Back in 2009, I said to myself, “What am I going to do?” I didn’t know what to do at that time because what I knew how to do was make a lot of money, fixing and flipping properties. I had a rental portfolio, nothing major, but to me, $300 a month for a house every single month was not that exciting. It’s a lot more exciting to make $70,000 to $80,000, sometimes over $100,000 on a flip. That’s a lot more exciting to me to make a $300,000 house.

When you make that $300,000 or $400,000 a house and do it multiple times over and over again, you learn how to become the bank and seller finance, you make more money every single month that you haven’t made flipping houses. You start getting your time back. You start realizing what’s important. You stop chasing money. You start focusing on what your vision is, what your life missions are, what your goals are, and what living life by design is. You start living that life and things change for the better. It gets better and nothing in my life has anything to do with chasing other than lifestyle by design. That is truly how I came up with my book Passive To Prosperous. Passive income to live a prosperous life.

During the course of this show, I’m going to talk about a lot of life issues, mindset issues, goal issues, how you lie to yourself, how you’re not finding value in yourself, how you have lived with a limited mindset, and how you’re living in scarcity. I’m also going to bring on a lot of information about how to build a business of passive income. This is going to be a tremendous show and here’s what I’m asking you guys. I’m not here selling ads. I don’t know if I ever will so I’m not going to commit to never doing that. I have some big plans for that. My plans have nothing to do with me chasing money. My plans have to do with generating enough revenue to be able to live my life legacy. My life legacy is the things that I can do for others. You might’ve heard this before if you heard me speak. I’m looking to build a tremendous cause to provide financial literacy for youth around the world.

That’s a tremendous undertaking. I’m not going to be the engineer on this yet and figure out how it can happen. It’s one of my visions that I want to do. I love giving back to certain organizations. Operation Underground is one of them, dealing with child sex slavery, and recovering kids from that horrible situation. I was an executive producer on the movie Wish Man which is about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Frank Shankwitz. That’s why kids are very close to my heart. I’m a veteran so homeless veterans are close to my heart. I’m not going to come out here and say I’ll never do sponsored ads on my page but at this point, my plan is not to. My plan is to become an organic-type of show where you share it with your friends.

I’m asking you this, like Andy Frisella said, “My price right now is to please review our show and share it with at least five friends that you love and you can make a difference.” I promise you this, I will pour everything I could pour into those shows until the day I don’t see a value in this anymore going forward. I’m already working on things that I’m not going to talk about in this episode but in the future. What I want to do is I want to produce enough episodes out here now before I bring on the next set of ideas. I will produce this show with every piece of law I have. My one request for you is to share this with at least five people minimum. If you’ve got something in the show, give us a review. With that, I love you all. I look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Take care.

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