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PTP 4 | Prosperity Inner Circle

Unlock Prosperity With Your Inner Circle

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PTP 4 | Prosperity Inner Circle


The word “mastermind” has been thrown around a lot to the point that it has lost its meaning in many ways. At the Prosperity Inner Circle, what you get is the true essence of a mastermind. It’s not about fee for entrance. It’s about playing at a much higher level and being the dumbest in the room. Your life will change when you find a group of those who align with your mindset, vision and goals. Every mentor and powerful leader is part of an inner circle. It’s time you get acquainted with yours, too. Listen in as Dan Zitofsky explains how you can be part of something that has profoundly changed his life and of those whom he mentors personally in so many levels.

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Unlock Prosperity With Your Inner Circle

Masterminds and Your Inner Circle

I get excited about what I’m going to talk about. It was day one of our two-day boardroom mastermind group with fifteen high-level investors, business owners, and people at all levels, not just real estate, it’s the type of boardrooms we do. We’re starting up our next Prosperity Inner Circle group. We’re going to be having up to fifteen people. These are the best groups ever. The reason I love them is because we get so much out of them. One of my mentors, Mark, had said in the past, “People talk about they’re self-made millionaires or their self-made success stories.”

It struck home because I thought I was living on an island by myself. How many of you ever thought you were living on an island by yourself and you’re like, “How in the world could I be a self-made successful millionaire, a self-made successful business owner?” Whatever it might be. There’s no way in the world that you’re self-made and do anything in this world by yourself. That’s why the inner circle masterminds with the right people are important because if you don’t have the right people, it’s nothing other than a club that you can be in.

For me to be where I’m at, go through all my journey, and it’s in my book, Passive to Prosperous, we go through chapter one. It talks about my why. That has everything to do with my family, team, and the markets I’m in. If it wasn’t for my wife and my kids, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. I would be doing something different. How am I self-made? That’s inaccurate. Mark hit me on the head. It’s hysterical that he talked about that. I’ve been thinking this for years and I’ve been scared to come out and say something because I feel I’m always the anti-guru out there, even though I’m a mentor.

Whatever people say, I’m calling BS on them. There’s so much crap out there and what people are saying. That’s why you need to align yourself with masterminds or mentors who will take you to that next level. I know you have a lot of naysayers saying, “Don’t spend a dollar on anything.” There is something powerful. I wrote some notes on it and I wanted to bring it up. One of the best comments I’ve heard in a long time, and I didn’t use this lot, “It’s emotionally immature to think you can help everyone.” Let’s think about what that means. Why would it be emotionally immature to think you can help everyone?

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Is it emotionally immature to think you can help everyone? I’ve been saying this too for a long time. I said I’m not for everybody. I need to find the right people and the right avatar. Going back a bit and why it’s important to be around the mastermind. When I say mastermind, I mean true mastermind. Everyone calls everything in a mastermind. That’s why I try not to use the word “mastermind.” I try to call “inner circle” or “boardroom” or something to that effect. My ten people that will be part of the next one is handpicked. I will do interviews. I’ll research them, do my due diligence on them, and see if I want to work with them. My rule is, if you’re not paying me and I still don’t want to have a beer with you, I’m not interested in being around you.

I don’t want to be around you if you’re only paying me. For so long, I’ve been mentoring people and 10% to 15%, I love working with, I enjoy it, I look forward to it, and I get more out of them than they get out of me. The rest of them, I get a knot in my stomach every time I have to get on the phone with them. Every time I have to try to help them, I get deflated and I don’t enjoy it. Because of that, it was starting to get me to the point where I didn’t want to work with anybody anymore. I didn’t want to mentor people. That’s emotionally immature for me to think that I can help everyone because I can’t help everyone. I’m doing a disservice to the people to try to help them if they can’t help themselves. I’m doing a disservice to somebody to try to mentor them when they don’t invest in themselves the time and the money. Do I value myself? Am I worth more than free? Are you valuing what I tell you? Are you valuing my mentorship? Do I believe I’m worth $5,000? No, I’m worth way more than $5,000. Do I believe I’m worth $30,000? I’m worth way more than $30,000.

It doesn’t matter what number I give you. If I have to sell you on why you need to work with me and you see it as a cost, not an investment, I’m the wrong person. I’d rather not work with you. The difference between myself and most other people that do this is I’m not doing this for the money. I don’t need the money. I’m not saying that to impress you. I’m saying to impress upon you. I’m not the right fit for everyone or I’m not the right fit to 80% of the people out there because I’m not going to sugarcoat things. I’m not going to work with you if you don’t do the work. I’m not going to help you if you can’t get your mindset right. I’m not going to work with people that make me miserable to work with them. My business and my vision are lifestyle by design. I’m saying this not to impress you but to impress upon you that it’s important in your business to do the same thing. It doesn’t have to be mentorship. It could be a partner or client.

If you’re an accountant, you could have a client that drives you insane, want you to do things unethical, and change your vision. If your vision is I’m going to work the best I can to get you all the tax documents that could possibly get you within the scope of the tax code that’s legal and ethical, I’ll do that. When you ask me to start lying, committing fraud, and tax evasion, if you’re willing to do that, you broke your vision, unless your vision is to do illegal things and to chase a couple of thousand dollars from a client. You might think about that. How does that client make you feel? Does that client put a knot in your stomach every time you’ve got to sit and talk to them?

PTP 4 | Prosperity Inner Circle

Passive To Prosperous: Stop Chasing Money and Start Seeing Prosperity Through Passive Wealth

I’m not saying you say no to them. Clients can’t handle it, that’s why their coming to you. If you’re a marketing agency, clients don’t know how to market. They’re going to seem uneducated in marketing, that’s why you’re there but, are they willing to listen to you, are they willing to trust you? Those are the people you want to work with. If you’re an accountant, are they willing to trust and listen to you? Take your advice on the tax you should give them? If you’re a financial planner, a wealth advisor, are they listening to you? Are they taking advice on what you’re telling them? If you’re in a situation like myself where I help people build their passive income, either with rental properties, seller financing, investing in notes, if they want to become the bank, are they trusting of me?

If they don’t trust me as a person, it doesn’t matter what I do to them, they’re always never going to trust me. I understand you should do your due diligence, trust and verify everything, but there’s a point where you have to trust the person you’re working with. This goes deep. I was in a position for many years where I felt guilty saying “no” and charging people. Until I had a mentor who talked to me and showed me how I was failing people. I was sending people off a failure because I wasn’t valuing myself. If I don’t value myself, they’re not going to value me either. They’re not going to value themselves if they don’t invest in themselves both time and money.

I used to come back and said, “I want to help. I want to give back. I want to make sure I could learn the right way.” Something positive I heard. Think about these words, “Be profitable with your business. Be charitable with your profits.” In my vision, I’m happiest when I love what I do and I can give back to organizations that I care about. I can’t do that if I don’t have the money to do that. My mentorship is business. My business of earning passive income for myself and my investors is a business. I need to be profitable in that. I could be charitable a million other ways. I can give back to people if I have enough money coming in from my business, then I can give back to somebody. I could find somebody who will be a rock star if I give them time back. I wish I had a one-on-one communication with somebody because I would start seeing the next back and forth, the yeses, the a-ha moments, the mouths dropping, the eyes coming out, and people start moving forward. It’s a phenomenal mindset to think like this.

I got off day one of my boardroom mastermind of a two-day workshop. You usually have it in-person or aren’t able to have this one in-person because of what’s going on. During the Coronavirus pandemic where we’re quarantined at home, we’re still making an example, we’re not making excuses. We’re still doing our mastermind group with high level, powerful business owners, investors, and people that invest a lot of money into this. There is nothing better that I get than doing one of these.

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I sit back and I’m like, “The wheel starts spinning. I get clarity in my mind. I don’t hang out with all the negative mindset people, the limited belief people, and a scarcity mindset.” It’s a rocket for your business, personal life, personal vision, business vision, for everything. Think about what you do in your life, who you hang out with, how you think, and start putting that emotion. Stop thinking differently. Stop changing your mindset. If the only people you’re hanging out with are the people you’re hanging out with for free, you’re not getting all you can get out of your life.

The people that are going to give you the most out of your life, other than your family, friends and business, are those that you’re going to find in these high-powered mastermind groups, not just on money. You have to invest a decent amount. I invest over six-figures a year in my own mentorships, trainings and events, but if you’re only hanging out at events where people go for free, pay little money, and look for discount codes then those are what you’re going to get. It’s a discount network. If you want to be part of a discount network, that’s what you’re going to get. I’m tired of seeing it on social media. I’m tired of people saying, “Give me the investor-friendly.” I’m tired when I’m speaking and anyone says, “Do you have a discount code?” If you’re a coupon shopper, you’re always going to be a coupon buyer and a coupon mindset.

That’s the way you’re going to be. A $200 event, people are asking for a $50 discount code. They’ll spend three hours asking for a discount code. What is your time worth? Is it worth a $50 discount code? When you go to a restaurant, do you count change on tipping somebody? Is $10 going to change your life? If it is, your mindset is jacked up. There’s so much help you need. You better get into groups and get a mentor that can lead you on the right path because otherwise, the way you think isn’t the way you think about everything and the way you’re going to teach your kids to think because they’re going to watch you. Think about that.

I had to put that out there because I blew my mind, I get off, and I had a couple of conversations around it. Once I got off the conversations, I went back to the whole people looking for ways to chip out with their time and their investment. I do love you, guys. As long as we have people that love what we do, I’ll keep doing this because I’m doing this with no dollar to raise. What I’m asking you to do is give us a review. Share this with five people who you think will get something out of this. It can be your students, mentor, group, employees and family. Somebody can get something out of this.

If you truly care about them and you don’t live in a mindset of scarcity where you’re scared to share with other people because you think that they’re going to take your business, you’ll share with at least five people, if not more. We’ll make this the best from everything to mindset, vision, and goals. I will be having special guests come on here. The top of the top in my Rolodex, the millionaires and billionaires that I deal with, and give you their secret sauce on how they do their business. Unmatched, untold unhindered, no sales on there. That’s what I want to do but to do that, I need your help to get this out there.

I’m doing this because I love getting this information out there. This is exactly where I can do it. Where I say I’m being profitable by business but I’m being charitable with my profits. This is how I could become charitable. I always wanted to become charitable. I have many grand plans for this. I have plans to do things for many people, do things for many organizations like raise the capital to do many great things, not to make money but to give back. To do that, we need an army. To get an army, this is how I’m doing it. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Take care.

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PTP 5 | Invest In Yourself

Invest In YOU!

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PTP 5 | Invest In Yourself


It is unfortunate that many people in the world live in a mindset of limiting beliefs. You will see them miserable, but they will still refuse to invest in themselves. Why are they doing this to themselves? It’s simple – they don’t value themselves enough. Do you know of anyone who is that miserable in their job, business, etc.? If they believed they deserved better, then they would invest in themselves and learn how to make the change. Listen in as Dan Zitofsky explains why you need to see that value for yourself and start investing in yourself first and how his new group, Prosperity Inner Circle can be a way for you to do that.

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Invest In YOU!

Value Yourself Enough To Invest In Yourself

I hope everyone is doing great, happy, healthy, and you’re living a prosperous life. I want to talk about something important to me, my life, my business, how I’ve changed at many levels, where I see a lot of people making their biggest mistakes, and what’s causing them issues in their life both personally and the business. I wanted to bring this up about mindset and your limited beliefs thinking everything as a cost, not as an investment, and trying to save a dollar. These are the things that you never heard growing up. How many times have people told you, “Go to school, get a good job, save money, and then you’ll live a good life?”

You’re always looking for the coupons. You’re always looking to be a coupon shop, skimp, save, nickel and dime, everything. You jump over dollars to save pennies. I see it all the time. I mentor a lot of people, not just in real estate investing but I’m mentoring people on life. Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing in the world for me to work with people. That’s why I wanted to do this show and talk about this with you, guys. If you haven’t noticed, the most successful people in business have a different mindset, they think differently and think at a higher level. They don’t sit there and figure out, “If I go out and I mowed my lawn, I could save $50.”

I cannot pay somebody $50 because I know how to mow the lawn. If I could spend 3, 4 or 5 hours designing a logo myself of all the tools online, I don’t have to pay somebody else $100 to design that logo. If I could do all this paperwork myself, I don’t have to pay an assistant, bookkeeper, or accountant to do the work themselves. I’m not saying that there are not things you love to do. I have a pool and I love cleaning my pool. I don’t care how much money you pay me to not clean my pool. I want to clean it. I’m being fictitious when I say, “If you hand me $1 million, maybe I’ll take that.”

When I clean my pool, I get out there, I put my headphones on, and listen to a podcast or some music. I relax, nobody is out there bothering me. I don’t have anyone telling me I need to do things and ask me questions. It’s my zone. I get to zone out and I enjoy doing it. It’s a beautiful day. I get in a pool, I walk around with a vacuum, and I love cleaning that pool. I don’t know how many people out there do it but if you asked me to cut my lawn, I hate doing landscaping and cutting my lawn. There’s nothing enjoyable about it for me. Some people love it and I give them credit. That’s fine.

I look at it like this, if I hated vacuuming my pool, it may cost me $100 to pay somebody to vacuum my pool. To vacuum my pool, it could take me 1 or 2 hours so that’s $100 to $200. I could save by doing it myself. Think about this, I could save $100 or $200 vacuuming the pool myself. Why would I pay anybody? Have you ever figured out what is your hourly salary or how much you’re worth? Have you ever done this exercise to figure out how much you’re worth? If you sit with me right now, I could go through this exercise.

I tell people, “There are 52 weeks in a year. How many weeks do you want to vacation?” Everything I do is passive to prosperous and lifestyle by design. I’m talking about vacation. I’m not saying I’m not working and I’m going to watch Netflix. I want a vacation of at least 2 to 3 months a year vacation. Generally, about 6 to 8 weeks in the summer and another 2 to 4 weeks throughout the fall to the summer. It would be a lot more but with my daughter in school, it’s a little bit less. I’m alone and not doing much. I’m at the beach, at the beach house, at the boat, or whatever it might be. My kids play sports so I want to be involved with that. I want to coach. That’s my lifestyle by design.

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Let’s go right in the middle and say ten weeks. That gives me 42 weeks a year of working. I only want to work about four hours a day and I don’t want to work on Fridays. Forty-two weeks a year on four days is 168 days a year work on average. There are Christmas weeks, Easter weeks, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving but I’m going to say an average of 168 days a year. I want to work no more than four hours a day. That means 672 hours a year. Sometimes, I work more and sometimes less but that’s my average. I know how much money I want to make a year. I want to make seven-figures every year and I’m doing that.

Let’s say it’s only $1 million. It’s $1 million divided by 672 hours. It means my hourly salary has to be $1,488. If I cannot replace what I’m doing for $1,488, I’m not doing it unless the pool. I love the pool. I also enjoy detailing some of my cars. I get a sports car and I love detailing that as well. Do you see how I look at things? Why would I go out and cut my lawn for $50 for one hour where I can make $1,488 in the same hour. That’s my hourly salary. Sometimes I make more and sometimes less but I have to average at least $1,400 and I do. I need to know what I need to make. You have to figure it out and work backward.

I don’t know if they teach this assignment in school and they should because what happens is people don’t take care of themselves first. It’s important to take care of yourself first. When you get on a plane, what did they say when they start talking? If you run out of oxygen, the masks are going to drop. You put one on your face first before you take care of your own kids. You can’t help somebody else if you don’t help yourself. Stop not valuing yourself. I did a webinar and every once in a while, depending on the group, I offer a huge discount.

My goal was usually 10% to 20% of the people sign up. They join a webinar for free. They want to take action. They want to learn how to raise private money in the right way and they want to build a passive income portfolio. They spend one hour at a time on the webinar because they want to sign up. I don’t whack them over the head with an expensive price. I give them everything. I believe in a ton of value. I create a ton of content and not everybody signs up. I said, “It’s a test for me. I haven’t made a better one. The next ten people that will take it, I will spend 30 minutes with you on the phone going through your resume and your brochure.”

At $1,488 an hour, if you take 30 minutes of my time, that’s $744. I offered the whole training with everything they get for only $497. There are a couple of things that happen. It’s either they don’t value what I’m doing or don’t believe what I do which I can’t imagine because we proved that I am and they all agreed that this makes sense. I need to raise private money, it’s needed for my business but it didn’t make sense or they don’t value themselves. That’s where I’m going to go with. I’ve gone through this for a long time doing this for many years. Most people do not value themselves. They don’t believe they are worth investing in themselves. They look at everything as a cost. They don’t look at anything as an investment.

When they asked me, “How much does it cost for you to mentor me?” I’m like, “Nothing because I don’t have room for you.” Call me and ask, I don’t care because the mindset is everything. If you don’t have the right mindset, I can’t work with you. Mindset is not something I can teach you. You either have it, you learn it on your own, you get it from somewhere, you get it from within, or you want to live a life of a greater purpose. Where is your mindset? Guys, I want to make more money. Why do I want to make money? It’s because I want to do more with it and not buy things.

PTP 5 | Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself: It’s important that you think differently about yourself because if you don’t, you’re always going to be a coupon shopper, looking for discounts and freebies.


I want to give more to charity, do for organizations, and build a financial literacy course for youth around the world. I want to donate, build, help companies get to the next level, infuse companies, and investors. There’s so much I want to do. I’m not done and nothing with me is money-motivated. As crazy as it sounds, it’s not money-motivated. There’s a higher purpose. We’re at a point in life where there’s so much more to life. We’re not done. We’re not even scratching the surface but we think differently about ourselves. It’s important that you think differently about yourself because if you don’t, you’re always going to be a coupon shopper, looking for discounts and freebies.

You’re always going to look for a way to get over it. If you start looking for a way to get over, you’re always going to get over, you’re never going to achieve great success. I see it now. We’re going through a pandemic and everybody is out there. They’re looking for unemployment, stimulus checks, and how they can spend. They spent hours to get a $1,200 stimulus check. If you took 1/3 of the time they spent getting that $1,200 stimulus check and you focused on building a business of some sort, anything. I’m seeing people sell trinkets, lead gen, build logos, and do much to build some business to make money rather than going out and spending all their time looking how they could save a $1. They’re mewling themselves out. They’re not living to the greatest potential. It’s sad and I hate to see it happening. I feel like this is important.

Eventually, we might have some sponsors on here. My plan is not to have sponsors on here, not to sell ads, and create amazing content. This is my passion, to do this. I finally have the show launch. If you’re enjoying this, do me a favor. Share this out with at least five people and give us a review. We love those five-star reviews. If you find it within your heart, if you think it’s valuable and you’ve got something out of this, we’d love your review. That’s our cost to you. We’re not charging you anything to be here. This is completely free. You’re going to get a tremendous amount of value here. We’re going to have business guests on this show from time-to-time.

We’re going to bring everything our business that helped us build our business to where we’re at now to multiple seven-figure businesses, not just one. We’re going to help you and bring that to you. We’re not looking to sell you anything here. We’re looking to provide complete value and do differently than what everybody else does on this show. Everyone is in it for a reason. We’re in it because we see a need for it and a missing value out there. We want to give that to you. I’m going to come straight to you. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything.

You might not like everything I have to say, I don’t care. I did not care what people think about me. People didn’t like me when I was down, out, and poor. They talked about me when I was there. They’re talking about me now when I’m wealthy and successful. I’m not where I’m at. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet of where I’m going to be at God willing for the next years. I’m healthy and I could keep going. I still have a passion for it. I’m not even close to where I’m going to be. People are going to talk about you and I don’t care. That’s their garbage, negativity, and mindset. People say, “You don’t need a mentor.” That’s horrible.

I love what we’re doing. I honor you for being on here and I value your time. I know you can spend your time on 100 million podcasts. I love that you’re here. Please share this out and give us a review, come back, read our blogs, and feel free to reach out. Let us know the questions you have. If you have ideas and thoughts, let us know. We will be bringing guests on. You’re going to hear from time-to-time some special guests that we have. We’ve got tons of surprises for you. I look forward to speaking with you and seeing your reviews. I’ll talk to you soon. We’ll see you next time. Be well. I love you. Be passive, be prosperous, and have a great life.

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