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PTP 9 | Playing Offense

Winning The Game Of Life

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PTP 9 | Playing Offense


It’s okay to fail as long as you get back up stronger and better. As Rocky Balboa said, “That’s how winning is done.” This is what makes a champion. You need to start attacking life and playing on offense. If you can do so, you will reach great potential in life and business. Dan Zitofsky specifically discusses this in his Inner Circle group. Too many will never take the offensive stance as they get through life dealing with issues or events. Don’t be one of those people! Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you. Learn how you can be the one who calls the shots now!

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Winning The Game Of Life

Playing Life On Offense And Being Okay With Making Mistakes

We’re looking forward to going through a lot of cool stuff. We don’t have any ads on this show right now. As I always say, I don’t plan on doing it but I’m not going to say I won’t ever do it. Our only fee for this show is you share it out, you’re going on, and review it. If you love or don’t love what you hear, give us a five-star review. Share it out with at least five friends. Once again, I talked in a previous episode about living in scarcity, not sharing it out because you don’t want people to compete with you. That’s terrible to have. If this doesn’t help you or if those help you, you might be able to help somebody else. By sharing this out, there might be a golden nugget that gets them off their couch like, “Get him off of your ass and do something.” One of the things I always built my business around is I always played offensively in my business.

There are too many people who played defensively and they don’t ever do anything. You see those people at the local REIA meetings. You see them at the local events. They’re always there. They’re professional. They find every reason why a deal won’t work or why something in their life needs to change won’t work. They’re becoming the engineer in their own life instead of imagineering their own life. The reason Logan and I worked so well together and we’re looking forward to a prosperous business together is we are raising some money ourselves, buying some assets in our own portfolio. We do work together is because we both have that same mindset. We both work on offensively in our business. We’ve been through the trials and tribulations already.

Logan is going to come out and he doesn’t live in scarcity. He’s going to be honest about a deal. It was a phenomenal deal and it fell apart. He’s going to talk about it but he didn’t put them in his shell. It’s not a turtle shell sitting there, working defensively, and talking about all the reasons why things don’t work. Logan, I appreciate you. We got to drag you out of bed. You still work that full-time, 9:00 to 5:00 and you’re always willing to help out the audience. I know you had that deal we talked about. Why don’t you give the audience a little insight on that deal that you went through, start to finish, and what happened. Tell them everything you need to tell them so they understand because they have been in that spot. If they haven’t, most certainly will at one point.

Dan and I are real estate investors. We’re looking for any type of opportunity that comes across our desk. In this case, the deal that we’re talking about is a self-storage facility here in the DFW area, 10 to 15 minutes from the house. Years ago is when this deal got started up. We reached out to the guy. I was in limbo on where to put some cash. I was like, “Self storage has always seemed a good outlet.” I did some research and started looking around some different markets. I found a self-storage facility that looked like it needed some help from the physical appearance, given all the new climate-controlled stuff that goes up everywhere. I reached out to the seller via Info@SelfStorage.com, the email that he had on a site. Years ago, it didn’t turn into anything. To be honest, it low-balled the numbers because of the deal structure that we had going on. One day, I reached back out to him and started that conversation back up again and see where he was. It was a 333 unit, all drive-up self-storage facility doing about $350,000 in revenue.

Was that net or gross revenue?

That was gross. Potentially, it was $380,000 after you factor in. They’re running about 10% vacancy, which is normal in the industry.

What was your net operating income?

The net operating income in 2019 was running about $200,000. We offered the guy originally $1.8 million to start conversations. We knew we were low coming into it, but the numbers on that is strong when you consider the market that we’re in DFW. Self-storage is very competitive here in the area and again, I am just trying to get the conversation started. I remember from the original conversation, they were the original builders back in 1985. Him and the three of the partners. They got the thing started and had owned it ever since. He is an old gentleman so unfortunately, a couple of the other partners had passed away and those shares have been inherited.

It’s good you brought that up because when you’re younger and you have a partner, you’re going to buy out your partner shares or each of you is going to have a life insurance policy on each other. God forbid something like that happens.

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That’s a great point. Unfortunately, these guys didn’t have any of that.

That’s why I wanted to throw that nugget in there that have a lot of work. If you do have a partnership, make sure you have a plan. God forbid, but if something happens to me, there should be life insurance on me that pays my wife off for a share of the business as far as Logan. As long as you’re in okay health, it’s very cheap.

These guys didn’t have and I don’t believe it. He was the majority owner but still he had to consult with the thirteen other partners. It went from four to fourteen of them. He’s the only local guy. Everybody else is out-of-state. It’s his day gig. He gets to run over there. He’s about 45 minutes from the property. I think he enjoyed but he was the only one taking care of it. He was pushing in his upper 70s and entertaining an offer to move it. What that means for us is that we had about fourteen people to persuade and only had one person to communicate that message to. We knew we were dealing with a couple of people and all different mindsets. I like the cashflow from the property. They were getting about $15,000 a month in dividends, distributed out.

That’s $1,000 a person, nothing life-changing, but it’s something that people were used to for years. We came back and quickly shut off our down at $1.8 million. We came up to $2 million then dove into building out a performa. It was me and two other partners that were going to be silent and wrote it up and say, “I think we can pay up to $2.5 million for this property and go from there.” We got the seller to give me his number. I’m not sure if anybody out there has read the book, Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss. It was my third time through that book and using some of those tactics in negotiating.

I love that book myself. What is your favorite tactic on a deal like that? You went for the deal.

Every chapter has a nugget in that and I’ve got pages of notes on that thing. I would say, starting with a calculated question. I’m framing it with how versus a why. A why seems like you’re attacking somebody and how are we going to do that together? It brings a partnership versus pointing away from you. He came back with me. The prime example of this is like, “I’m looking for $3 million.” How can I pay that given XYZ? How can I pay that and stop? One of the biggest things in that book is silence. As you can see between Dan and I, we both liked to talk. Sitting quietly is a little difficult for me so I was practicing that skill throughout the negotiation.

That’s the most awkward silence, isn’t it? I always tell people in sales when I used to teach because I go into companies. I still do it here and there a couple of times a year, I get call them for consulting job and I go on their sales organization. A lot of times, it’s outbound phone calls people on telemarketing that we’re calling, asking a couple of questions and stay silent, shut up, and listen to the answer. It’s the most awkward 10 to 15 seconds. Sitting there waiting, presenting somebody, dealing with shutting up and letting them decide if it works or not. You’re so right about that.

Chris in the book calls it vomiting at the mouth and you can run into that quickly. At the end of the day, we got into $2.5 million and we can make it happen. Weekend passes, I get a long email. I can tell through the quick preview on my phone that this thing is going to be not the news we were looking for given how it started out. COVID has done a number on the US economy. I’m like, “If you’re already starting off with that, this isn’t going where I would like it to.”

He’s playing defense already.

PTP 9 | Playing Offense

Playing Offense: Too many people play defensively and don’t ever do anything. They’re always looking for reasons why things wouldn’t work.


I give him credit. He never committed to anything. I’ve never seen somebody be able to take the emotion out of a financial decision. Sometimes, there’s always somebody who weighs in on something. He did a good job of not allowing me to peel that out of him so kudos to him. At the end of the day, he was looking for $3 million on the deal and $2.5 million is what we were looking for to keep our margins in it and keep a good profit. The property needed some work for about $100,000 in CapEx, which was fine. We can pay for that at a cashflow but not something we would want to keep increasing given the age of the property and everything.

We were at the middle of the discussions. We had reached out to Marcus & Millichap. I’m sure everybody is aware of who Marcus & Millichap is. They were a large commercial broker. I have a number of contacts here in the area and saying, “I know you used to work at Marcus & Millichap. Do you have anybody in self-storage?” He goes, “Let me shoot you over a contact.” I got one of the tops self-storage guys in the DFW Metroplex and send over roughly talking about the deal. He calls me back and says, “What’s the name of this property?” I give it to him. He goes, “How can I get in?” The broker wanted in.

That’s something that I was the LP on a special facility in Arizona and I love it. That’s the one. Other than notes, REOs, and seller-finance notes, that’s where I think we need to go. That’s where we should be heading.

It’s a stable asset class.

We had a free conversation already. I was like, “Where are we? Are we going to do this?” I just want to make sure. Don’t hold this against me, but I always talk about stop chasing your tail. Stop jumping from thing-to-thing. We’re very good at passive income. To us, a self-storage facility is like multifamily with a lot less headaches. Your tenants don’t play the same game as they play in multifamily. You don’t have to deal with tenants. You deal with the old tenants, but you don’t deal with the tenants. You don’t deal with the breakages. Your maintenance upkeep is very minimal. It is low for them. It’s everything you can automate.

You could systematize that business down to hardly any staff. There are many benefits of it and I’m not going to come here and teach about self-storage but I know people who come to me and say, “Stay laser-focused on what you do.” What it is? To me, it’s all about passive income. It’s something in our portfolio. With the fund, we’re talking about getting out there. We’re finally going to launch this thing right after the New Year. That’s the plan. We will launch in January 2021. That’s where you and I will sit and focus a lot more. They’ll still do the nonperforming note. We’ll still do the REOs because anything that creates passive income and protects as much as possible our investors. It will be huge for us.

To your point on the laser-focused piece, I counter that sometimes with knowing when to pivot, understanding the market dynamics, and taking what it’s given to you versus forcing a strategy on the market. The market is going to tell you what you’re going to be in. I’m still finding deals in the notes. They’re a little bit lesser volume and lesser quality asset. When you start seeing those things, that tells me that we can be very diligent and close on this stuff that we’re experts in. What’s the issue with bringing in an expert in a field that you may not understand completely? That’s why we brought in the broker. The broker had done upwards of $50 million in self-storage in 2019. We were looking to utilize him and knowing that he’s interested in the deal from a broker’s perspective and seeing the numbers. He knew we had a good one. We have no problems leveraging.

Why did you call the broker? Did you worry that he was going to steal your deal?

That’s the scarcity part. My partner who is a local was like, “Are you sure you want to do that?” Her name is Michelle. I said, “Michelle, if he takes the deal from me and runs off and it doesn’t happen then I’ll never work with the guy again. It’s okay if he takes the deal. He is going to lose a relationship and I’ll make sure everybody knows that this happened.”

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I know that I’ll never work again but I look at it like, “If you took the deal, it probably wasn’t for me.” I’m not saying that I am going to sit here and talk about how I feel about it on the show, but I feel like God does this to us what we’re supposed to have in our place. If he took the deal from me, it is because I’m not supposed to have that deal. I truly believe that. I don’t want to do it on this show because it might scare some people off it. They don’t believe in it, whatever it might be. I am totally going to stay away from that.

That’s how I truly believed. I used to be that way. I don’t wish bad on anybody if somebody works like that. This is what I tell people that it’s all-important bringing it out here because there are many nuggets. If you sit back and re-read the blog, you’ll learn about the numbers, that’s okay. That’s the most minimal part. Logan gave me the numbers. I punched them into the calculator. I told him what the cap rate is in seconds. I asked him that the operating income. That’s all like basic. You’ve learned that you don’t need us for that. If you’ll look at what we’ve talked about, it is negotiating a deal and how to negotiate. He talked about following up with the seller, living offensively, not defensively, not living in scarcity, and moving on.

We learn something. There are many golden nuggets in this episode alone. I didn’t know if it was going to be like that. Let’s be honest with people. Let’s talk about this deal because you put it out there. You put it up and close your first deal. A couple of days later, you got smacked in the face and you didn’t close it. Sometimes, I’m the guy who always says, “Let’s not talk about it until it happens because I believe that it’s not going to happen if we talk about it.” I believe that. I didn’t even know you were doing that.

It is the announcer’s curse.

It’s not a deal until the check is clear. I have to believe that check is real. I have to go to the bank and cash that check and hope the bank gives me the actual money. You guys would notice that. I remember this was years ago and we got our first huge six-figure check in one month. I’m looking at it. I’m like, “There’s no way this could be real.” We couldn’t have done this with some online stuff. We took the check at that time. This was back in 2002. We put it in and I looked at my friend and I said, “This is not going to clear,” then it cleared. I’m like, “They’re not going to give us the cash. It can’t be real. Something went wrong.” I’m still like, “Did we make that money?” That’s what it’s like. That’s how I look at this. “Is it real? Is it going to work?” I want to bring that out. All these amazing things happened on this deal that I don’t want people to bypass it.

If you start living your life out of scarcity, you don’t live in scarcity, and in limited beliefs, if you start living off offensively instead of defensively, and you stop believing in some faith of something, whatever it might be. Logan and I talk about this. I’m very intentional about who I surround myself with. That’s why I don’t partner with a lot of people. I want to do everything together. Even if I have partners, I want to bring them between me and Logan because when you have somebody who ethically and morally is right, honest, and you can trust. I know Logan now for years. We both said, “Let’s get together and be partners.” I’ve watched him with his family. I’ve watched the type of person he is with his wife and kids. I sat back and I saw how he treated his friends. I don’t jump into relationships quickly because I want to make sure that I don’t have to worry about somebody stealing a deal.

I don’t want to live that life chasing money. I’m hoping that the people on this episode are getting all of that out of this and not just getting like, “Logan and the score to deal at 11% and changed cap. He was going to go to $2.5 million. There would have been an 8% or 9% cap on that. He let it go because the numbers didn’t work.” If that’s what you got out of this episode, you missed so much. You got to start getting deeper on who you follow, who you listen to, and what they’re talking about because, in a couple of thousand deals I’ve done, I could talk about every deal and give you the breakdown on every deal but that’s going to bore you. That’s not what this is about. It’s the reason it took so long for me to put out this show. It took me years. I’m set up for this show, what the name, what’s this show, and it hasn’t even come out.

It hasn’t even gone out because I’m sitting here and I’m like, “I want to make sure I’m providing so much value for people beyond.” I don’t want to just talk about how to do a deal. We will do those deals. We’ll talk about that stuff. I want it so much deeper. I wanted it to be with somebody that I trust and I value that I’m willing to say, “I’m with this person 100%.” There are so many people that have asked like, “Do you want to do a show together?” I might like them, have a great time hanging out or have done a deal with but they’re not somebody I want to bring into my life or audience that way. That’s where I’m hoping that people get out of this. What do you think Logan?

The numbers are an ancillary piece to all of this, especially with this show. We’re not here to be the experts in deal analysis and execution of a performa. You can Google performa for any type of business and you’re going to find it. You are going to be able to leverage that and build a financial statement for whatever investment you’re going after. It’s about how do I create this environment around me that provides me deals, relationships, knowledge, and the ability to bounce things off of somebody else and a partner. As you said, it’s a relationship built on trust and expertise, whatever it is in your core market. We’re here to work together in the scarcity mindset.

PTP 9 | Playing Offense

Playing Offense: Being passive prosperous is not about the short-term wins.


I was laughing about that with one of my partners. He was like, “Are you sure you want to give it to the broker?” I said, “I’m sure. He’s the expert in the field. If he takes it and runs with it, things happen for a reason.” Back to your piece, you didn’t want to go there with the show. Frankly, it’s a touchy subject, but I’m a huge believer in things that happen and don’t happen for a reason. At the end of the conversation, we’re in this for the long haul. This isn’t a short-term of how do we find the next deal and make $200,000. We’ve got to make that next cash so we can go buy something or we can go somewhere on a trip. There’s a reason why it’s Passive to Prosperous and not all about short-term wins and you don’t care how you get there.

Let’s talk about some of the things you’re doing in your life now that are more prosperous. You are the epitome or I should say the role model. I love having you on because a lot of people, unfortunately, don’t relate to me as much as they do. They’re like, “You already left your job. You’re in this so long. You have so many doors already. How do I get to 600 plus doors?” I try to tell people one at a time but it doesn’t sound like this great theory. Those are great quotes and theories, but sometimes, they can’t relate. You’re getting up there already. You’re getting up down what you have, but you’re also working a 9:00 to 5:00. You have a wife, three kids, and a new baby. You have a household and running a business, Sage Notes. You’re running the operations of the business while running everything else. With all of that, what are you doing to still live that prosperous life we’re talking about?

It is been a journey.

It is a monopoly where they say, “You get a card, spin the dice, and go three spots.” This thing was smack in the face. There’s no game or a rule book that comes with life.

I’ve been sharing this with a number of different Facebook groups I’m in and different stuff, but it comes a time where I value myself, my time, my family, and everything around me much more than I ever have. Before you get to that point, some of the stuff that we’re talking about is in one ear and out the other. I was there years ago and I had a mentor at the time telling me the same stuff that you and I are talking about. Whether I didn’t want to hear it, that doesn’t apply to me, or I can’t relate. Hopefully, that’s where Dan and I can help. We’ve got the industry experience, the knowledge, and the tenure.

Somebody doing a full-time and you’ve got me who’s working to build it to that point, but still having the 9:00 to 5:00. In the meantime, I still leverage my 9:00 to 5:00, use the benefits that I’ve got full, and fully fund my 401(k). That piece right there, people always ask me, “Why are you staying until March 2021?” My long-term plan is to have funds available in my 401(k) and HSA. I have not fully fund those and I’ll pay myself out of the business but I couldn’t do those if I didn’t have a side income and in a passive one at that. I’m able to live off the income from the business. I can execute my long-term strategy of having retirement funds for myself and the family down the road.

In the meantime, how do I do the day-to-day operations of marketing for new notes, talking with lenders, talking with banks, and my preferred partners? How do I make time for all of that? It’s challenging. I was telling Dan, I ended up missing an episode because I was worn out. That was a prime example of sending out thousands of my emails through my marketing campaigns that I do every month. I had a lot of responses, which is great, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of them that I couldn’t get to. You need to save your ties with your job and go focus on that full-time.

Let’s focus on that stuff. That’s important. People think growing big is the answer. You show them that you’re growing faster than you can handle. You can let something slip through the cracks. Everyone spent so much time trying to build this audience. They are trying to be this persona on social media. Everyone thinks about building this email list, doing a podcast, and a book. You try to do all this stuff and you finally hit it. You stopped like you’re a woodpecker. At that point, you started to dig a little bit of a hole in that tray, and then you would go jump off and you do something else. I’m sure you saw it. You sat back and you realized, “I’m letting things slip through the cracks. I’m starting to let go of the water. I have one whole and water is coming out. I cover that one hole patched, now water is coming in another hole.” You’re at a pivotal point. You’re in your business now where you can either grow correctly or you could not be taken seriously on anything. I see this all the time when entrepreneurs. I see it because if I’m going to be honest with you, it’s happened to me multiple times.

If you’re reading this blog, I’m running a political campaign. It puts my business almost on hold. I’m able to do that because I have a good passive income business. I haven’t grown but I’m not sitting there sending out emails because I’m supposed to. It’s going to hurt my business, but because I’m running for political campaigns, I’m okay with it. If I was leaving that to start some other business and stop what I was doing, then all was for nothing. All the things I did and built up were nothing. If you’re spending so much time trying to send out an email to your group and you’re getting a response from people, they’ll raise their hands saying, “Logan, I’m interested right now,” you want to be on with those people but then you’re jumping to doing something else. You don’t have time to answer them, you fail in your business and you’re going to go ten steps backward. You might as well not even send out an email if you can’t answer the people and respond. That’s putting an ad in a newspaper that you have a closed store. You have all these new clothes but you locked the door when they come. You go to a chicken place and they’re ran out of chicken.

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It could be the best chicken in the world but if it’s not there, you’ll never know.

You’re on a spot now. You’re being vulnerable with the audience, which is cool because you spend time building an email marketing list and trying to do a show. I’m at least on the show. If you’re not there, I don’t mind doing an episode myself. I’m sure you don’t cover it for me because we’ve got the stuff. We want to talk about ourselves too. You spend so much time trying to build this up. I remember when you first thought this, everyone was like, “Build your email list,” but then you build it up, you respond, and then you’re not there for them. It’s valid why you’re not there.

It’s a struggle.

They don’t know that. I would make this guarantee, if you were to get on social media, even go on my page, go to Become A Real Estate Investor With Dan Zitofsky, and put it out a little quick video and say, “I screwed up. I got all these emails but this is what happened.” People love real. They hate the phoniness on social media. Whenever I put something out like, “I need help. I screwed up. Has anyone else gone through with depression when you hit your goals?” I have had 2,000 either comments, likes, or shares between the text messages.

I had some of the biggest players in the industry pick up the phone, call me up, and ask if I was okay. Those people were busy. You would never even know that they had a minute of time to pick up a phone to call me. I put it out there because I see it happening with a lot of entrepreneurs. I talk about it in my Inner Circle, my mastermind. It’s a real thing. We talked about it on our previous episode. When you’re real and when you’re vulnerable, that’s what they love. I’m going to give you a task, put it out there, and watch what happens. I want to see what happens. Watch the response you’ll get. It’ll blow your contact list up.

It’s tough to work through some of that stuff. If you don’t get back to these people, it’s not the end of the world but you do lose a little bit of credibility. I had phone calls, missed appointments, and all kinds of stuff happening. That was one of those that everything came together, which is good on the business side, but then I wasn’t able to return that out to everybody that reached out.

You still are the poster child for where people should want to be. What I love is that the audience needs to see us tweak ourselves as well because we’re not perfect. I screw up and I will continue to screw up. I don’t care because this is the life I live. If you’re going to send it over and over again, he is going to accept you for it and it’s okay. As long as you’re in scripts, you make those mistakes, fix them and you come back better from them. Even Rocky says, “It’s how hard you get hit. You get up and keep coming back. That’s how champions and that’s how winners are made.” That goes back to the whole part of the show when I said, “Play offense over defense.” You can’t sit back and play defense on everything. It’s part of my campaign. People ask me all the time, “Why in the world are you running? You’re in a situation where it’s very tough to win. The polls are lopsided against you.” I’m like, “I don’t accept that I can’t do it. I don’t accept that losing is not an option. I don’t accept sitting back because everybody else, 99.9 % people believe that.”

Life was miserable. The same people who don’t volunteer, don’t donate to the campaign, and who think their vote doesn’t matter, those are the same people that are miserable with their marriage, around their kids, and their job. They’re always miserable. Every time you ask them how they find a negative way to not do anything. They’re muddling through life until the day they die. I refuse to allow that to happen to me. That’s the difference between you, myself, and other people on the show because I’m sure that people on the show are living life like we’re living.

They might not be financially yet where they want to be, but they have the prosperous mindset of, “How could I live more prosperous with my family? How could I be more prosperous my friends? How could it be prosperous with my spouse? How could I be more prosperous to the community and the people around me? What can I do to make a difference?” That’s important. We get through this. I don’t want to talk about it on this one. I’m going to put notes. We’re going to do another episode because you got kids, I have kids and a grandson. My goal is to make my grandson a millionaire before he’s five years old. I might do it before. He’s three and he closed his first house. I showed a picture that I wish he could have signed the freaking docs. I was going to put the hand on his hands on it.

PTP 9 | Playing Offense

Playing Offense: It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you fix them and come back better from them.


I want to talk about it because you brought it up. COVID brought up all this stuff and there’s a lot of people that can be on the show, but kids, let’s mark one episode to talk about how we like kids in Coverdell. They only can put in $2,000 a year into a Coverdell. How did they get involved in the deal? I get that question a lot and even for me, it’s hard to figure out how to get kids involved in deals sometimes. Depending on the deal you get, I’m talking about passive investing. How do they get involved? We’ll put some thought behind that. We’re going to talk about it. I should put it out there publicly. I get a little weird sometimes to put stuff out publicly. I don’t want people to think I’m gloating.

That’s my own problem. I’m going to live like a champion. I don’t put it out there because I’m not worried about everything everyone says that’s negative. I’m worried about, “I can help you with your family. You have a new baby, you could put a house in your baby’s name, and that’ll help that kid pay for college or not college. Start their first house and pay for whatever it might be.” I put $210,000 in my grandson’s name and he’s three months old. Legally, it’s not a trust for him. I don’t have to do five of those deals and he’s a millionaire. Within 5 to 6 years, everyone’s properties will have no debt on them. He will have a net worth of over $1 million by the time he’s five years old. That’s my goal. It’s not just putting properties in his name or notes in the same. It’s to have a net worth of over $1 million by the time he’s five years old. Depending on what happens, we could do it local when you had a baby. We can do this together. We can get a little baby millionaire group, would that be cool?

How do we get there? There are tools at our disposal that we can utilize. A week after she was born, I did the same thing. I went with Mark Kohler and set up a trust. He got a series LLC going for some other stuff.

You did come and hang out at my event that day.

That was a good event.

I was going to do my two-day event alongside that. We’re planning to do it online. We talked about the Inner Circle. We’re starting with up to ten people. You said you wanted to be part of that. We’re going to be intentional about that, but we’re starting on a line because even though I traveled to my mastermind, it was fine. I don’t want to miss out on the people who want it. Intentionally, it is going to be good but can’t make it. We will do something online and stay tuned for that. Things are thrown at us and change. Do you have anything else for this episode?

I’ll wrap up that deal with a couple of takeaways. Trust the expert especially when the expert signs off on your deal and wants in. That’s a pretty easy one. The second was the contacts and relationships that we made out of that deal. We were put in contact with a self-storage consultant for a fee who comes in and figures out what’s best to optimize your facility. We came away with that contact and we’ll be able to leverage him on a future deal. The third was an ancillary piece that I never would have thought would come, but sharing about what we had failed.

We didn’t get the deal going, but I’m sure a lot of readers are going to see that we’ve got some luxury vacation cabins up in the Broken Bow. The builder reaches out to my partner and I and says, “I’ve been making a lot of money here. How do I get in with you?” Simply because of sharing information and getting away from that scarcity mindset. It does pay off. The more you share, the more it’s going to come back to you. It may take a little bit, but eventually, people are going to see that this guy or this lady is out there providing information and wanting to see others succeed. That’s how I approach all of this stuff.

I love a lot of those things you just said and the people you brought into the team that help out and grow this the right way. You can’t do that if you live in scarcity. Once again, whoever’s on the show, thank you for being on. We love you guys on here every single time. It means the world to us to be able to provide value and content to people and change their lives a little bit. We ask you once again if you’ve got something out of this positive, please share with at least five friends. That’ll allow us to be at the top of the list so you can hear our info because if you went out there, you’re going to miss out. Make sure you give us that five-star review if you love what we have. Reach out to both of us anytime you need anything. We’re happy to help. With that, we’ll see you next time.

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