“Safe Harbor” Rule For Investment Properties
Safe Harbor is a great option when trying to deduct the full repairs in year they happened rather than over the life of the property. This is a must watch for all Investors, accountants, Tax attorneys.

Your Life Vision
Whats your real life vision. Is it money or is it something at a higher level. Be Honest with yourself and make some changes.

Due Diligence Is Imperative To Protect Your Investors And Lenders
Due diligence is what will make or break you as an investor. Protect your investors better than protecting yourself.

329 E. Edgewater Way, Newark DE
Another Short Sale fully rehabbed and turned into a rental property for our portfolio creating long term wealth. Our private money lender was paid back in 4 months with phenomenal returns.

RING Podcast About Creating Wealth In Emerging Markets
Listen in as Dan Breslin invited me on his Pod Cast teaching how I build teams in emerging markets to create true wealth.

1031 Exchanges
Learn how to defer capital gain taxes as an investor doing “like kind” exchanges on your Real Estate. Done correctly you will never have to pay taxes on this strategy.

Due Diligence Before Purchasing A 1St Position Non Performing Note
Step by step Due diligence before purchasing a 1st Position non performing note to protect your money and asset.

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